SfB 2015 Server Update CU5 – May 2017

Contents: Related Articles. The status of the services listed in the table below is monitored by the solution. Each service is represented with a separate object in the console. This parameter will trigger an alarm if the service is stopped and a warning if the service is in an intermediate state stop pending, paused, etc. Each process is monitored independently and displayed as a separate object in the console. These thresholds like any alert threshold in Monitoring Studio can be customized through the interface:. These events are constantly monitored by the solution and any “warning” or “error” event related to Lync in the Windows Event Log will be reported in the console. Each Event Log Source is represented with a separate icon in the console. For each instance, the MatchingEventCount parameter reports the number of warning and error events since the last reset of the counter.

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Unassigned Numbers Service Prompt playback and transfer capability for unassigned numbers Group Call Pickup Users in a group can retrieve calls presented to another user. Limited management capabilities. No database dips, programmability, skills matching, weighted routing.

Activities of these self-help groups will encourage closer working with All partners will set clear targets in terms of the response times customers can expect Conferencing: Lync client allows for audio and video conferencing. Training will be provided in the use of on-line matchmaking services (EEN, Yell, Jetro etc).

So, I ran into a weird issue a while back where Response Group Calls would be answered by RGS, the IVR messages and actions would play out and the call would be dropped into a queue to look for an agent. The Caller would hear the queue on hold music and after the queue timeout period be correctly routed to voicemail The issue was, during the 30 odd seconds the Callers were in the queue.

Calls were not presented to RGS Agents. I checked all the obvious stuff, users signed in to RGS, Presence set correctly, not already on a call etc and tried removing and re-adding the users to the RGS group. Then reboot the Skype4B frontends and re-start the pool. My investigations found that the Skype front end servers were unable to inject entries into the QoE database and replicate changes to the backend database for users, including presence.

These issues are typically caused by extreme load on the system or a failure of the SQL backend. Reporting via the Statsman package and other built-in windows tools showed the servers were well within normal operating range and not under any undue load. Network connectivity tests between the frontends and the SQL backend also passedUpon logging into the SQL server I noted that it reported the server had been shut down un-expectedly.

I checked the event logs to see the server rebooted due to a BugCheck Blue Screen , additionally later that night another host in the cluster rebooted due to a BugCheck BlueScreen error as well. I then found reports Skype had issues running a stored procedure on the SQL backend early in the morning after the bluescreen.

I could see however that later in the day a SQL Administrator logged into the server and confirmed an un-expected shutdown on both SQL cluster nodes. Unexpected Shutdown confirmed. Soon after the unexpected shutdown was confirmed, load increased on the Skype Servers due to the start of business, at AM Publication Sync issues started being issued on the frontends, this in turn started the issues with the queues as actual presence and published presence slowly drifted apart.

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This was mentioned on the previous CU4 HF1. This CU seems a biggy with many many fixes and new stuff as well in it. Took a while to read over them. I check the Supported OS list here and i cant see support yet here.

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All services were running with the exception of the Response group service. A quick dive into the event logs on the Front End Pool showed a number of errors as follows Standard error for issues with connectivity to SQL. Cause indicates an issue with connectivity to the back-end database. Another SQL connectivity issue by the looks of it. Digging further, I also found a few other MCU errors like:.


The patch version number is: 6. The Cumulative Server Update Installer applies all updates for the appropriate server role in one operation. You must manually download SkypeServerUpdateInstaller. If this cmdlet shows any missing replicas, then run the following cmdlet to recover the pool before you apply any patches:. This cmdlet moves all services to other Front End Servers in the pool, and takes this server offline.

29/09/ Troubleshooting: Response Group Service Matchmaking Skype for Business deployment, it was found that calls to Response.

Fixes an issue in which a Lync client continuously accesses Exchange Web Services and therefore consumes excessive bandwidth. Microsoft Lync Server Resource Kit: Response Group Application the upcoming Microsoft Lync Server no agent is available to service Now that the Lync Mobility Service has been out for a week there has been ample time, Mass match dating and matchmaking service for singles Jun 19, Lets talk about accomplishing more in the digital world.

Detta r ett fnster med ditt aktiva samtal som alltid ligger eller Lync This issue occurs because the Lync FrontEnd service cannot. Lists available updates for Lync Server Bda kamerorna klarar av upp till p30fps fr aktiv talare och pvideo med en dual core PC eller i Lync Duplicate entries of RGS services.

Active matchmaking service

While we were fixing that issue, we also had a report come in that our Response Groups were not working properly. When it rains, it pours I suppose. They are pretty important to us. Warning: there are a lot of screen shots below.

In a blog post on Monday, the Microsoft Identity Platform Team announced that from with any response groups they were a member of, slowing down the matchmaking #Skype User Offboarding Response Group Cleanup.

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Access active matchmaking service failed

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Lync response group matchmaking. I set to restarting the communication is usually caused by one the EnterpriseVoiceEnabled True nbsp I supported action​.

This Patent Application is a divisional of U. Provisional Application Ser. The prior Applications are assigned to the assignee hereof, and the disclosures of the prior Applications are considered part of and are incorporated by reference in this Patent Application. The disclosed subject matter generally relates to the field of communications.

More specifically, the subject matter relates to load balancing wireless network traffic. The AP may be part of a gateway or router, or it may be a standalone device. The range of the AP is impacted by the surrounding environment and capability of the AP itself. A range extender may be used to extend the range of the AP. The range extender may rebroadcast the signals from the AP, which allows wireless devices out of range of the AP to communicate with the AP via the range extender.

The systems, methods and devices of this disclosure each have several innovative aspects, no single one of which is solely responsible for the desirable attributes disclosed herein. One innovative aspect of the subject matter described in this disclosure can be implemented in an access point AP for load balancing network traffic. The AP may determine a plurality of client devices that are associated with an overloaded channel of a wireless network.

The AP may identify a first client device of the plurality of client devices based, at least in part, on an airtime consumed on the overloaded channel.

Lync 2013 Response Groups Not Responding

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– all inbound phone calls (other than private DIDs) come into Lync, then to an Exchange Auto Attendant – and then to Response Groups. They.

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This is a brand new position working in an environment with a brand a new CIO. The ideal candidate for this position will have a thorough understanding of Unified Communications technologies and VoIP, preferably with hands-on experience supporting Microsoft SfB with cross platform VC integration. We are seeking an individual who is self-organized, with strong analytical and technical skills to address operational support across a global enterprise.

How do I sign-in and sign-out of a Response Group in Skype for Business (Lync)?

Planning for response groups in Skype for Business Server Enterprise Voice, which enables you to set up call routing to groups of users. Includes audio file requirements. If your organization has groups of people who answer and manage certain types of calls, such as for customer service, an internal help desk, or general telephone support for a department, you can deploy the Response Group application to manage these types of calls.

The Response Group application routes and queues incoming calls to designated persons, who are known as agents. You can increase the use of telephone support services and reduce the overhead of running these services by using response groups.

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Microsoft article. Figure Queue overflow to a SIP addressFrom the caller perspective, this call looks the same as the queue timeout example whilethe caller is in queue. However, because the call is forwarded to another SIP address, a second call window Figure will appear indicating that the call has been transferred after the queuetimeout is exceeded.

Caller view for transferred callBusiness Hours and HolidaysFor each response group you can configure hours of operation, including business hoursand holidays. Business hours can be configured by using the Microsoft Lync Server Control Panel; however, holiday hours must be created in Management Shell. Contoso also has a holiday on Christmas, which is configured by using theWindows PowerShell script that follows Figure

Response Group Calls not Presented to Agents due to SQL Write issues (Event ID 32269 and 32270)

During testing of a paired-pool Skype for Business deployment, it was found that calls to Response Groups were failing on one of the pools; calls were immediately dropped and were not even getting music on hold. Although the Response Group service was running on all three Front End servers in the failing pool, a restart of the service did throw an error:.

And, after a short while:. This last error being particularly confusing: the service is looking for three presence watcher objects and only found…three.

The individual will collaborate extensively with other members of the UC team video codecs and Skype video endpoints. o Experience of incident response.

Over the years this blog has covered the general topic of interoperability between the various Microsoft Communications Server UC platforms and industry standards-based video conferencing equipment found all over the world. These V ideo T ele C onferencing VTC systems are in no way a legacy platform as although the standards have been around for a long time there are several manufacturers producing new products based on the same open standards. While much has changed over time in terms of workflows and feature capabilities the overall need is no less important than before.

And as the Polycom RealConnect approach has grown more flexible with various methods of deliverability the scope has also grown to cover numerous different topologies. This article is intended to explain not only the core of the RealConnect workflow but compare in detail the different topologies along with specific requirements and procurement guidance. Interoperability is hardly a foreign concept throughout this blog.

Several past articles have covered older offerings and how they worked back with earlier Office Communicator and Lync versions. RealConnect as a concept was also covered back in early as a step away from traditional singular MCU methods of meeting in the middle for cross-platform conferences. Each of these articles are detailed and cover several scenarios including newer cloud offerings like Skype for Business Online, so for a fuller understanding of the overall story it is recommended to give them each a read before moving on here.

But if one is already familiar with the concepts and terminology used throughout then by all means read on. Most importantly, RealConnect is not the name of an individual product or service offering. It is a name that has been used to describe a patented simplistic workflow which can bring any standards-based VTC into a Lync or Skype for Business meeting. This workflow is defined by its unique behavior of three specific concepts: Scheduling , Joining , and Cascading.

ISI Solutions for LYNC® Response Groups

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